Items for use in the reading room:

  • orders are processed within 60 minutes for items marked:
  • - III. i P.III. (magazines)
  • - P.Dr. (doctoral thesis)
  • - Mkf. (microfilms), Prz. (slides)
  • - Ib. (without numbers: 10, 55, 263, 353, 398, 826), Ic., Id. If., IIa., IIb., IId., IIf., IIL., IIm., IIr., IIs., IIt., IIw., IIx., IIz., IV., V., XIII., XIV., XV., XVIa., XVIb., XVIIIa., XVIIIb., XXa., XXb., XXIa., XXIb.
  • - B.130. 131, J. (above 200, but without numbers: 201, 202, 205, 207, 210)
  • - Dep. Zam.
  • other orders are processed within 30 minutes
  • orders for items marked W and P.M (in part) are processed immediately
  • orders for items marked Dep. (i.e. teaching materials prepared by faculty members for their students) are processed immediately
  • orders for items marked W are processed immediately

Items for use outside the reading room:

A single item may be borrowed for a weekend. The library will hold the borrower’s student ID for the duration.
Orders must be made by Friday 6 pm at the latest. Items can be collected on Saturday from 12 noon onwards. Items must be returned on Monday between 8am - 9 am.
For long weekend and holidays, borrowing arrangements will be announced beforehand.
First-year students of full-time undergraduate courses, and all students of part-time courses, are not allowed to borrow items to use outside the library.
Dictionaries (marked W and P.M.) may be borrowed to use in classroom outside the reading room. The library will hold the borrower’s student ID for the duration.
Items for photocopying may be taken outside the reading room only if a faculty member left a note to this effect on the folder. The items may only be removed from the reading room for 30 minutes at a time. The librarian on duty must be notified before the items are removed.
Free-access items in the reading room:
items held in the reading room can be accessed without ordering these items have shelfmarks beginning with „Ia”, „A”, „B” (without number 130 and 131), „C” (without numbers 50, 52-54), „D”, „E”, „G”, „L”, „PM”, „X”, „W. podr.”
The reading room resources include reference books (dictionaries and encyclopaedias), bibliographies, periodicals and study books, i.e. the items that are most popular among the readers. The reading room also holds the X-marked resources (photocopies of materials used in classes).

Copying and photographing

There is a self-service copy machine in the reading room.
  1. No photocopies can be made of:
  2. items published before 1901
  3. worn out and damaged items
  4. special collection items
  5. items from the image collection
Due to copyright constraints, items cannot be copied in their entirety.
Doctoral papers and other unpublished items may only be copied to a very limited extent (introduction, summary, table of contents).
Due to copyright constraints, library items can only be copied for teaching and academic purposes.
No copying is allowed in the last 15 minutes before the library closes.
Library resources may only be photographed and filmed with approval of the librarian on duty.